A small independent film company located on the East Coast created by Jacquie Granger for her own films.

High Concept Stories

Infused with Music...



LunarWorks Films was starting in West Hollywood in 1996 after Jacquie Granger's friend inspired her to take one of her written scripts and turn it into a production project.  Being a rock n' roll refugee, one of her friends, Cameron Crowe, encouraged her to get into the film industry.


His argument was, given her writing and photography background, it should be an "easy" transition...


Famous last words...


Having no knowledge of the film industry, she began the long journey of learning how to make a film and began working on several productions. In that time, she learned to put stories together while infusing music into the mix.


Since that time, she has written twelve additional scripts - all centered around music and relationships - love or otherwise. She also created a team in that time period which consists mainly of Business Manager, John Holton (France) and trusted partner Beatrice Victors (England).


Currently, they are shopping scripts to the indie film industry!


Kismet to Zero


When Jonathan and Jessica first met, they thought it was Kismet - but time proved to be a different story altogether...



A younger man ignites Charlotte's inner passion, but all too soon, her student's 'crush' becomes her biggest nightmare - one she'll never forget!

The Christmas Exchange


A divorce lawyer finds himself in the middle of a family crisis when his client and her ex end up at the couple's vacation house in a small town in Massachusetts for the Christmas Holiday.

While the Moon Keeps Track of Our Time,

Music is the Soundtrack of Our Lives...

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Due to Legal Reasons, we are unable to accept unsolicited scripts. We're sorry but our lawyers say we just can't do it!


Drop us a line to introduce yourself and we can go from there!


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